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The Board of Directors

We could not be the school that we are without the dedication of our Board.  Our Board of Directors helps support our teachers in their mission to educate our children by lending their time balancing budgets, running fundraisers and a whole host of other tasks that help to make the school run smoothly.  


Casey Biuso (President)
Karlyn Martini (Vice President)
Sarah Sprunger (Treasurer)

Penny Ulrich (Head Pre-School Teacher &Registrar)

Rachel Breault (Head Pre-K Teacher & Director)
Melissa Hamel (Secretary)

Board Members:
Clare Morgan (Director & Head Pre-K Teacher)
Kristin Prime (Marketing & Communications)
Megan Peavey (Assistant Treasurer)

Anastasia Monticello (Fundraising Chair)
Kate Kull (Scholarship Chair)

Jessica Cook (Member-at-Large)

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